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Please feriha hindi version send me my g mail id amirkhan gmail. Hii I'm sunny,,l will die for Hayaat in,pyar lafzon me kaha,l love this girl and these drama. Post a Comment. Top Six Turkish Dramas dubbed in Urdu. Posted by Unknown on January 10, According to the current rating of public following Turkish dramas dubbed in Urdu by different channels are on our top 6 list : 1.

It is based on the life of Suleiman the Magnificent, the longest reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. But the main focus is on the relationships among the members of the imperial household, especially romantic entanglements and rivalries.

Urdu 1 Latest Dramas Episodes Online

This dramas leads URDU1 from 0 to 4. This dramas leads URDU1 from 9. İntikam is on 5th number. It is a Turkish series broadcast on Kanal D. It is being dubbed by Geo Kahani. Kuzey Guney is on number 6. Anonymous 10 January at Having made a name for himself by taking the mantle in Pakistan's mountaineering community, Mustansar Hussain is widely recognized as one of the most famous and well known personalities in both Pakistan and the rest of the world.

Though the origin of his fame and decadence is usually considered to be his established and decorated career and as a writer, Tarar can also be recognized as the foremost endorser for tourism projects in Northern areas of Pakistan, having exorbitantly increased the array of tourist exposure to the areas in question by becoming both a mountaineer and an adventure author who uses these locations as backdrops for his storylines.

9 Amazing Pakistani Dramas That You Must Watch

Mustansar Hussain's literary proficiency as an author often overshadows the fact that he has been an active mountaineer for a very extensive period of time. Having embarked upon several painstaking and challenging tasks such as the ascension of K-2 and the surpassing of the treacherous "Chitti Buoi" Glacier translated as a glacier with large caravesses.

More significantly, both of Mustansar Hussain's professions often intertwine and relate, since he uses his experiences on his expeditions as compilations or travelogues. Though some of his publications have met lukewarm reactions due to supposed exaggeration, he reflects on this predicament with the notion that "words or even pictures cannot successfully express the beauty and splendor of nature in it's true spirit.

Tarar opines in a similar manner to the portrayal of environments and localities in other adventure novels. As such, in one of his books, he advises his critics to live through similar experience before criticizing because most people cannot dare go through such dangerous sporting experience of high altitude trekking. This advice is further testified through the respect and regards that Tarar carries in Pakistani climbing community.

Pakistan's biggest mountaineering names like Nazir Sabir first Pakistani climber on Everest and among the only few Pakistanis to have summitted K2 and Rajab Shah also regard Tarar as one of their motivations although both of these climbers hail from the Northern Areas where livelihood of a lot of people is through being high altitude guide and porters.

Tarar is a household name in the Northern Areas of Pakistan and people in remotest northern areas take pride in being his hosts during his visits and expeditions. Tarar's first book Nikley Teri Talaash Main, a travelogue of Europe was published inhe has so far over forty titles to his credit which include all genre of literature; travelogues, novels, short stories and collection of his newspaper columns and Television dramas.

He has been the best-seller fiction writer of Pakistan for the last fifteen years. Mustansar was born in 'jokalian' a small town in Punjab, Pakistan. He spent his early childhood in the village. However he was destined to live some precious moments of his life in the lively city Lahore. So the fate played its tricksand his family moved to culturally rich Lahore. His father Rehmat Khan Tarar opened a small seed store that flourished into sub-continent's lead seed supplier company.

Hethen got admission in Government College Lahorea college that owns the credit to polish several intellectuals of Pakistan. In somewhat around 'she went to London for higher studies. In London, he spent much of his time in watching and enjoying moviesdoing theater and reading books.

During those days Majeed was in London as a reporter for the newspaper. He suggested Mustansar to write a travelogue of Russia. This marks the starting of Mustansar's literary life. His first literary writing was a travelogue" London Say Moscow Taq " that was published in three episodes.Pakistani dramas have become extremely popular both within the nation and in other countries such as India, the US, Europe, etc. A stark contrast from Indian dramas, they are realistic, engaging, and they tackle important topics.

Indian dramas have their own charm, of course, and I thoroughly enjoy them. They are fun, dramatic, and always a great break from reality. However, Pakistani dramas have proven themselves to be a very different genre. The beautiful use of the Urdu language along with the realistic portrayals of everyday life have helped Pakistani dramas carve their own niche in the entertainment industry.

Urdu 1 Latest Dramas Episodes Online

Having watched Pakistani dramas for many years, there are quite a few I would highly recommend. There are others apart from the dramas on this list, but these are some of my all-time favorites. So without further ado, allow me to talk to you about some of my favorite Pakistani dramas!

Despite being a relatively unemotional person, I must admit this was one of those dramas that brought me to my knees emotionally. Set in the backdrop of partition, this drama based on the novel Bano by Razia Butt revolves around the emotional turmoil that is experienced by a Muslim family before and after partition, particularly by the two main protagonists, Bano played by Sanam Baloch and Hassan played by Fawad Khan.

Bano and Hassan are two lovers who are separated after partition. This drama makes us feel the pain and emotion that people underwent during the horrors of partition, and makes us question the very foundation for which India was divided.

urdu drama ka fun

I particularly loved the beautiful use of Urdu in this drama; it was definitely one of the best scripts that Samira Fazal has written. It is this type of language that makes us appreciate Urdu even more. I also loved the adab gesture and respect and tehzeeb etiquette that this drama showed not to mention the beautiful dresses! Bano shows us that love is forever, and that when you make a commitment, you commit your entire self regardless of the consequences.

Saba Qamar player her role as Suraiya Khala with grace and eloquence, again proving her talent for playing any character and making us feel connected to it. Mehreen Raheelwho played the role of Rabia, proved her strength as an actress, especially since such a role could not have been easy, when Hassan was still in love with Bano, and she made us really fall in love with her character.

Samina PirzadaQavi KhanSaba Hameedand all other cast played their characters with intensity and grace. This drama is a must watch for anyone who is interested in our history and the emotional turmoil that our families went through. It is extremely deep and soul-stirring, making you question the very reason for why we are where we are because of our history.

This is an engaging story about two girls, Nazia and Shazia respectively played by Syra Yousuf and Sanam Saeedwho are raised as sisters but are very different in both appearance and nature, which affects their future significantly. This drama has no shortage of beautiful screenplay by a star-studded cast and dialogues by Samira Fazal. This story shows us the value of family, and also of how to remain strong when life throws us the most difficult of hurdles. Each sister faces her own separate turmoil and admirably deals with it in the face of adversity, thus taking charge of their own future.

Rubina AshrafSakina Sammoand Sajid Hassan all play their supporting roles very well, making the story extremely engaging and enjoyable. This is one of those dramas that really makes you think about the role of fate and how much control you have the hurdles that life throws at you. Written by Umera Ahmed who also wrote the Urdu novel the drama is based on, this story centers around two sisters who couldn't be more different, one who is extremely selfish and materialistic while the other has a more altruistic perspective on life and truly believes in appreciating what we have.

What I loved about this drama was how it showed the ultimate consequences of what happens when you allow selfishness and ego to overcome your senses. Human beings are not perfect, but there is a difference between that and going out of your way to betray your family for self-interest. In my opinion, Aamina Sheikh did one of her best performances and Saba Qamar proved her versatility and talent as an actress yet again.

I must say, I always enjoy watching Shamim Hilaly on screen, for her flawless Urdu and of course for her effortless acting. Adnan Siddiqui also outdid himself in showing the result of not appreciating what you have. Materialism and selfishness, along with extreme altruism and sacrifice are all prevalent themes in this gem of a serial. The dialogue, screenplay, and concept have been brilliantly portrayed by a very talented cast and crew, and is a must watch!

Based on the Urdu novel of the same name written by Farhat IshtiaqHumsafar has been hailed by many as the savior and revival of the Pakistani drama industry.Book Categories Autobiography Banned Books Biography Drama 2. Magazines 1. Nazm Personality Pratham Books Science 6.

Story Text Books 8. Constitution 3. Diary Dictionary Directory 2. Drama Economics Education Essays Profiles Dastaan Moral and Ethical Novel Short Stories Film Songs Geography Hikaayaat Cultural History History Of Literature Indian Fawad Khan is a Pakistani actor, model, and singer who appeared in the Pakistani television dramas and movies.

He has also appeared in Indian films. Due to his great fan following he is amongst the top list of the hottest and fashionable actor, the industry has ever produced. Some of his great serials are still watched and appreciated by the audience of Pakistan.

Now let us help you identify the top hit of Fawad Khan dramas which you should definitely watch. The serial was released inwith the lead role of Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed. The thoughtful story of the serial was based on the college life love story which later changed into an example for the rest of the world. The interesting story along with the beautiful cast and songs made the serial to the top of the list. Humsafar The serial was directed by Sarmad Khoosat and was telecasted in The exemplary acting of Fawad Khan in the serial made the serial cross all the boundaries and left the footprints in the Pakistani drama industry.

The serial was appreciated across the borders which forced the writer to release a novel named, Humsafar. Behadd The serial was released in and telecasted Mahira Khan along with the super hit, Fawad Khan. The thought-provoking story and the beautiful songs contributed to the wide recognition of the serial. The script and direction of the serial went perfectly together, which made it acceptable by the larger audience.

The name of the drama also reflects the infinity of the love! The serial presented an example of perfect direction and a beautifully script. The serial had a sad ending but the suspense and curiosity made the people a huge fan of Fawad. Soon after the release of the serial the fans were excited to see Fawad on the screen.

His engaging acting along with the expressions made the people watch every single episode. The title song along with the beautiful script was the major reason for the popularity. In order for you to access and watch the amazing, romantic and sad dramas of Fawad khan I would highly recommend you to download Snaptube Android application on your smartphones.

Download The application is specially built to assist the valuable viewers to access the wide range of Pakistani dramas without any hassle or distractions. The application provides the user with the best guidance of the top hit serials, movies, and songs which could be quickly searched from the top bar.

The user-friendly interface assists the viewers in terms of easy accessibility and use to use case. The serial was directed by Khalil Ahmed and was given immense recognition due to his perfect direction and the heartbreaking script which was written by Fauzia Iftikhar.

The hard of the writer, director, and the actor made the serial to the top list. Ashk The serial was released in and from then it is widely watched during the weekends and has been repeatedly watched by the housewives.

The story of a man with different affairs made it worth watching.

urdu drama ka fun

The name of the serial itself reflects the sorrow and tears which was the major theme of the drama. Dareecha The serial as released in and telecasted the top actors, Fawad Khan along with Sania Saeed as his mother. The serial was released during the time when the industry was at its growing stage and began to telecast a variety of dramas at the same time.

But the serial, Dareecha was not easy to ignore, the interesting script and the perfect plot was the reason for its immense popularity and wide recognition. Dastaan The serial was released in and telecasted two great people, Fawad Khan and Sanam Baloch. The combination of the two great actors from the industry made the serial reach the height of appreciation. The perfect balance of script and direction made the serial leave its footprints for the later serials which are released by the Pakistani Drama industry.

Top Fawad Khan Pakistani Dramas 1.Dil Ruba. Soteli Maamta. Khoob Seerat. Shehr E Malal. Soteli Maamta Episode Wafa Kar Chalay Episode Tera Yahan Koi Nahin Episode Ye Dil Mera Episode Rabba Mainu Maaf Kareen Episode Hamari Kahani Episode Thora Sa Haq Episode Mera Qasoor Episode Raaz-e-Ulfat Episode Khoob Seerat Episode Deewangi Episode Zara Sambhal Kay Episode Saza E Ishq Episode Ahad and Sajjal Marriage Ceremony Date.

Sanam Jung Umrah Performance Pictures. Latest Celebrity News Latest Gossips. Pakistani Drama TV Channels. Hum TV. ARY Digital. PTV Home. Express Entertain. Hum Sitaray.For every Urdu speaking person on the planet, one fact holds true without the distinction of nationality, age and religion … it is the love for Urdu TV dramas.

Pakistani dramas, the other name for Urdu drama, have been the crown bearers of quality ever since the first TV transmission from Pakistan rode the air waves. Starting with the currently playing dramas, the list delves into productions of yore sifting through them chronologically.

As can been seen, some years have come with far greater number of entries than others. Though the technical facilities had been abysmal, however, the production quality, coupled with the depth of script and the level of direction had been top notch. We have ensured to add the precise year when the shows have been telecast to keep it as wholesome for you as possible. A father is the head of the family who keeps the family together. As a result, it entices the husband to do exactly what the wife fears the most.

The primary theme of this drama is the concept of watta satta.

urdu drama ka fun

The story revolves around how mistakes made by women are never forgotten or forgiven by Pakistani society. One of the hottest ongoing TV serials is essentially about the lives of an ordinary couple, who have different needs and mindset which slowly drifts them apart. This drama is all about friendship and jealousy. It is a story of two friends who are very close to each other. It is a story of two lovebirds who are in love with each other since their childhood but are unable to get together.

urdu drama ka fun

There are different circumstances prevailing due to which the two cannot be together and their love story takes a different turn. Mohabbat na kariyo is a story about Zara, a middle class girl who is in love with a well-off guy Asad. This impossible standard is what Zara fails to meet. An emotive storyline which focuses on the woes of a female working in a corporate environment.

Moreover, it also inculcates all the struggles that a woman typically faces at her workplace. It is the story of a girl named Zara who is the orphaned cousin of Alizey; an insecure, selfish and jealous girl to the core. How Zara comes out of this mess is one to look for! The story of Daasi is basically about a vivacious and bubbly young girl and a strong successful businessman who find their way towards one another, and struggle to maintain their relationship amidst the struggle in their life.

Another classic drams which talks about the split personality disorder, where Zahid Ahmed is depicting a male character suffering from Dissociative identity disorder DIDa psychological condition where in a person experiences two or more personality states taking control over the person. A drama which has a fiercely heroine-focused plot which tells a story of a roller-coaster love saga.

Khaas is a story which revolves around an ambitious, young female who gets married to an established man. However, things do not shape as well post-marriage. It revolves around the dynamics of men and women, and the cruelty that can arise in feudal homes, when men do not give them the respect they deserve.

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