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Provoice upgrade now available. DMR upgrade now available. NXDN upgrade now available. Sentinel Software and Firmware Updates. WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www. Uniden SR30C handheld scanner. The scanner is versatile, compact, and easy to use. In addition to its standard scanning features, your scanner also The built-in FM radio lets you listen This sophisticated scanner with alpha-tagged channels bo See Frequency Range Product Overview Receiver incorporates the HomePatro Shop With Confidence Over 50 years of experience.

View cart. Sold out. The database is updatable with the Sentinel software and Uniden updates the main database weekly.

The scanner will scan multiple Favorites Lists and Full Database at the same time. Location Based Scanning — Connect to a GPS receiver not included for precise system selection and continuing reselection when you travel.

Range Control — Lets you set how far out from your current location the scanner will search for channels in Favorites Lists and the database. Location precision for departments and sites that allows you to define a location and range using rectangles instead just of a single circle. Control Channel Only Scanning — With Motorola trunking frequencies, you do not have to program voice channel frequencies.

uniden bcd436hp software

Instant Replay — Plays back up to seconds 4 minutes of the most recent transmissions. Audio Recording — Capture transmissions for later playback.

For each alert in the scanner, you can select from 9 different tone patterns, 15 volume settings, 7 colors, and 3 flash patterns. Trunking Discovery — Monitors system traffic on a trunked radio system to find unknown IDs and automatically records audio from and logs new channels for later review and identification.

Conventional Discovery — Searches a range of frequencies to find unknown frequencies and automatically records audio from and logs new channels for later review and identification. Fire, Police, Railroad, etc. Scan Speed - 85 channels per second. Multi-Level Display and Keypad light — Makes the display and keypad easy to see in dim light with three light levels. Start-up Configuration — You can program each of your Favorites Lists with a Startup Key so that when you power up the scanner and press the key number, just those Favorites Lists assigned to the key will be enabled for scan.

Close Call Do-not-Disturb checks for Close Call activity in between channel reception so active channels are not interrupted. Broadcast Screen — Allows the scanner to ignore hits on known broadcast frequencies including pager frequencies in search and Close Call modes. You can also program up to 10 custom frequency ranges that the scanner will ignore. You can set up to 32 Tone-Outs. The scanner will also search and display unknown tones. Analog and Digital AGC — Helps automatically balance the volume level between different radio systems.A: Please visit www.

Q: Why does my handheld scanner not stay fully charged? A: If there is any sort of glitch in the power, it will reset the charging dock.

Therefore, the screen will continue to state it is charging. Q: Where do I find a firmware update for my scanner? For example:. Q: What resources are available for learning more about my scanner? For older models i. At that time, we changed the chipset in our USB-1 cables.

Newer last couple of years cables will work. A: Unit is not compatible with Mac, must connect to a PC only. A: Check to make sure attenuation is not on. A: If favorites are being scanned, then systems or control channels may have changed, so favorites may need to be rebuilt. Try scanning full database to see if any trunking systems can be received. A: It means there are no channels programmed into the scanner.

You will need to program your scanner in order to Unlock Scan mode. Start by pressing Hold. A: As long as it is only the LCD screen, please send it in for repair. A: To program this scanner manually, you will first want to make sure that everything is deleted out of it first, like the preprogrammed states such as Alaska. To do this you will want to turn off the scanner. While it is turned off you will push in and hold in the 2, 9, and Hold keys.

Continue holding these down while you power on unit. Once you see all memory clear let go of all the keys. It will then ask you if you would like to restore the preprogrammed states in. Push the no key which is located below the 7 key. At this point your scanner will say, scan mode nothing to scan.

Make sure that you go to radioreference. Click on Databases. Choose Frequency database. Click on your state. Click on your county and scroll down to see the frequencies.

If you are using a trunktracking system you will need to make sure you choose the tower closest to you and get the control and alternate frequencies which are highlighted in red and blue.

At the top of the page it will tell you what system they are using such as Motorolla, P25 and so on. If your area is not using a trunk tracking system you will see them on the first page with the frequency all the way to the left and to the right side it will show FM or FMN which means they are conventional frequencies.

To program your scanner you will push into the menu. Choose Program System. Push the Yes key. Choose New System. Push yes key.Very simple to operate, you can be up and running in 3 minutes or less.

No programming needed, just your zip code. See here for further information. Simply enter your zip code, and the BCDHP will quickly select and scan channels in your local area. First we optimize the internal database by updating the frequency library, which changes daily. We will also check and install any firmware updates to the HomePatrol before the radio ships. The firmware is the operating system for the radio which may have been updated or tweaked by the factory following its production in Asia.

Scanner Master will then build a Favorites List for the customer based on the ship to address of your orderor for the area in which the scanner will be used if the customer specifies a different city and county for example if the radio is given as a gift.

Scanner Master will also pre-tune the radio by entering the end-users zip code. Note that this service will add approximately 7 to 14 business days for processing before the radio will be shipped.

The benefit of this Favorites List work is that we insure that the most important data to the user is readily accessible as often times, if the database for the end user's area hasn't been completely prepared with what's known as "geo-tagging" then some or all of the local agencies will not activate for scanning. Scanner Master insures that this will not be the case. Sentinal Software Programming. Information Provided by Uniden. Average Customer Review: 4.

List your area in the box. Additional Information. Also allows you to create, edit, and manage your Favorites Lists. The features you love! Included Sentinel Software makes database and firmware updates simple. Great Scanner!

View All Customer Reviews.The type of scanner you will need will depend on the type of radio technology being used in your area. While all of our scanners are capable of monitoring local public safety, not all models are compatible with all radio systems. Our Optimization and County Programming services will take the guesswork out of setting up your scanner to listen to important local public safety information. Spend more time listening to your radio, not programming it.

Display all pictures. Manufacturer: Uniden. More details. This product is no longer in stock. Availability date:. Availability : In stock. Add to cart. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. The digital TrunkTracker V is the first full handheld unit that requires no user programming.

Simply turn it on, enter your zip code and TrunkTracker V does the rest.

uniden bcd436hp software

The user-friendly digital scanner will immediately begin hearing communications systems used by Public Safety, Aircraft, Military, Weather Spotters, and more. Now with the largest display on the market and more advanced features, the BCDHP makes a superior unit for a scanner enthusiast.

The built-in database includes all known channels in use in the United States and Canada. All services not available in some areas.

Software Upgrades for Uniden Digital Scanners

Allows you to specify the area that you need to hear any alerts that may be Weather, Civil, Biological, Nuclear, or National in nature. Let's you monitor all of the major types of unencrypted communications systems used by public safety, local government, amateur radio operators, and more. In The Box.First you will want to download the latest version of the Sentinel software from the HomePatrol website so that you can be sure you are getting the latest firmware and database updates.

Once you have the software installed, you will want to update the firmware by: 1. Press "E" to select "Mass Storage". Click OK on the next window that comes up 5. Once the update is completed, disconnect the scanner from the computer to allow the firmware to apply itself to the scanner. You will see a status bar in the screen of the scanner and then the scanner will start up once more on its own. Reconnect to the computer 7. Uniden Upman shows how to Install the Sentinel Software.

View Now. How to set Priority Channels. Another video on Creating A Favorites List. Explains how Service Types work. User Manual. Explains the different Backlight Menu Settings. Explains using Discovery Mode for Conventional Systems. Explains using Discovery Mode for Trunking Systems. Explains using Location Based Scanning. Instructions for Updating the Firmware and Database on the Uniden BCDHP First you will want to download the latest version of the Sentinel software from the HomePatrol website so that you can be sure you are getting the latest firmware and database updates.

uniden bcd436hp software

More Resources User Manual. Terms Of Use Privacy Statement.Handheld radio scanners give users a whole new level of convenience. As for the SDS, it is still easy to use and programming can be as simple as just entering a zip code into the device. The SDS is a scanner that is built for the outdoors. It features an IPX4 rating [1]which protects it from dust and splashes of water.

This is a convenient feature both handheld scanners possess. Location-based scanning makes using the scanner much easier as it just requires you to input your zip code or GPS coordinates whichever is more convenient for instant reception. Another feature both handheld scanners can carry out is a favorites scan.

You can compile your favorite systems into a list. When your scanner is scanning, it can simultaneously scan your favorites list and the full system making it easier on you to find what you are looking for. For storing all your profiles, settings, lists, etc. The necessary GPS receiver may not be included in either package, but both handheld scanners can work well with one to provide you with information such as your precise location, and what to scan even when you are on the move.

The GPS feature gives users a more accurate picture and a more precise pinpoint even when traveling. To narrow down the noise and irrelevant channels, both scanners allow you to control how far out your scanner will scan. Sometimes people underestimate the importance of being able to hear a sent transmission. For both scanners, you have the freedom to control what notifications you receive.

Whether it be for emergency alerts or close call hits, you can choose to mute what you wish. You are even able to customize the light colors, settings, flash patterns, and more! Not to mention the light-up keypad light that gives users easy visuals at night. The keypad lights can be customized at three different levels. It is capable of sifting through 85 channels per second!

This makes it a better choice for those who need to find channels quickly. Both scanners feature the RF capture, which allows your scanner to provide you with information about nearby radio transmissions through detection. This feature and the scan by service type feature also provided by both scanners will allow you to sort through channels even faster than before.

You can have the freedom to program up to quick keys to your favorites list, sites, departments, and more. Along with the search keys feature, it makes scanning even easier. Both scanners can also be programmed via your PC for firmware and software updates. You can also manage all your lists and information directly from your computer. A larger screen gives users an easier time to monitor and program everything. This is especially important for people heading out into nature or unknown weather conditions.

You can even set the weather channel as a priority when scanning. You can find lithium-ion batteries in both scanners that are rechargeable. Both police scanners are excellent in their performance ratings.Plug in your scanner and turn it on. The first things you'll see are prompts to set the date and time. The scanner has a real-time clock with backup power that will run the clock for about 1 week. The backup power needs to charge for about 50 hours before full backup-time becomes available.

If the backup source is depleted before power is restored, you will be prompted to set the time again upon power up. Press E to select Mass Storage mode. Unplug the USB cable. The new firmware will be applied. Windows Serial Drivers If you connect the scanner to your Windows PC and select Serial mode, you will be prompted for the proper driver. If you are having problems installing the drivers, see the following general instructions some steps might differ slightly, depending on your specific operating system.

Download and unzip the above driver. Plug in the scanner using a USB cable. Right click on the Windows Launch icon bottom left corner and select "Device Manager. Right click on device and select "Update Driver Software.

BCD436HP HomePatrol Series Scanner

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