This is a good useful resource also for Advertising PowerPoint Templates or Business Backgrounds for PowerPoint or business presentation powerpoint templates to master your strategic thinking. What you will have is a further engaged target market, and the go with the go with the flow of information is clean and quick. All PPT. Real Estate. This template is a house design built on a lawn.

This is a presentation about real estate such as country houses. You can create a variety of expressions using the shapes and backgrounds…. This template is business design related to real estate. This means that one red door out of five similarly styled doors represents a new choice. This template contains various background…. This is a template for real estate with homes and surroundings reproduced on a laptop. It also includes useful shapes related to real estate and can all be modified.

I am trying to…. This template is a colorful building silhouette design over gray background. You can use the shapes and backgrounds included in the template to create a variety of expressions. City Buildings Business PowerPoint Template represents a colorful building silhouette over a gray background. This template is available for business proposals and real estate purposes. This template can be used for real estate business or planning.

Search Keywords:…. It also includes a slide background reminiscent of the city's businesspeople.

Real Estate Marketing Plan Presentation - Free Google Slides theme and PowerPoint template

It can also be used for business in computer and real…. This template is suitable for real estate and business proposals.

This Template includes unique designs and results that you can use freely for your own presentation needs. Free Real Estate Powerpoint Templates Design collection includes high quality corporate templates, management technique presentations and many other business associated powerpoint templates. T ag Templates : activity, architecture, biology, built, business, clean, concepts, conservation, ecology, environment, environmental, estate, exterior, architecture, build, builder, building, building planning, construction, crane, design, draft, grey, industrial, model, modern building, mortgage, planning, real, real estat, real estate, tower, arch, architectural, architecture, residential, sales, structure, style, home, house, housing.

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real estate marketing ppt

You can also decline the tracking, so you can continue to visit our website without any data sent to third-party services.The one common trait among successful real estate investors is their expertise in marketing. A real estate marketing plan is a written guide for investors to follow, as to promote themselves and their business. More often than not, leads are generated by word-of-mouth marketing, otherwise known as real estate referrals. A real estate agent, for example, receives roughly 75 percent of their business from satisfied clients.

As your marketing presence continues to grow, it will also generate referral leads from other real estate professionals. The two most important qualities for generating leads as an investor are presence and credibility, both of which a marketing plan aims to establish. For investors, a marketing presence opens their name and business to the public, helping to spread the word.

Credibility, on the other hand, serves as the backbone for trust and establishing relationships. New investors should think long and hard about their business goals before drafting a real estate marketing plan.

Like most endeavors, the key to being successful starts with a plan, and your real estate marketing plan is no exception. Register for a FREE real estate class offered in your areawhere you can learn from experts how to replicate successful business systems. The key to a successful real estate investor marketing plan begins with goals and ends with persistence.

It takes a dedication to follow any plan through the proverbial ups and downs, only to achieve the goals one sets out to accomplish from the beginning; it also helps to plan ahead and prepare for the future.

Who are you trying to attract?

real estate marketing ppt

Foreclosed homeowners? That said, clearly identifying your audience will better assist in your real estate marketing approach. With a firm grasp on your target audience, it will be easier to tailor a message that gets your point across in a more efficient manner.

At the very least, knowing these things about your target audience will greatly improve your real estate marketing plan. The message is one of the most important aspects of any marketing plan. According to the Small Business Administration SBAthis section should contain a summary of the main tag-lines, selling points, and value proposition.

In addition to your message, set clear, obtainable goals. Doing so will serve as a roadmap for future success and act as a compass for when your direction is less than clear. If for nothing else, each marketing strategy should get you one step closer to your goals.

Every marketing plan outline should include a section that details what the competition is doing. More specifically, take a minute to look at what other investors are doing in your area. Are their marketing efforts paying off? Is their message falling on deaf ears? In gaining insight into what the competition is doing, you will not only have a better idea of where to start, but perhaps even which techniques to avoid.

Take an honest, unbiased look at your business and determine what it is that sets you apart from the competition. The real estate industry is so varied that any skill can be used to get ahead.

real estate marketing ppt

As a people business, in particular, personal characteristics can take you a long way. You never know which of your own skills can take you to the next level, so find out which one you will use to your advantage.The best Real Estate PowerPoint templates will help you market your real estate, construction company, or real estate agency in a powerful way.

PowerPoint templates that are specifically for the real estate or construction industry are perfect for busy real estate professionals. If you need to highlight your listings, show photos of properties, or report on construction progress, then these Real Estate PowerPoint Presentations are just for you.

Impress home sellers, potential clients, or wow construction partners with residential and commercial real estate PowerPoint templates. If real estate is your business, then there will be a PowerPoint presentation template that is perfect for you. This clean and ultra modern PowerPoint template for real estate marketing presentations is one of the best.

With the PP template you get animated and non-animated slides that are fully customizable. This PP presentation template has over 75 slides to choose from in light and dark versions. It is perfect for real estate marketing or construction presentations. This is a multipurpose template that works great for real estate business presentations. With more than unique slide to choose from together with infographics, maps, charts, and other presentation elements, you are spoilt for choice.

The versatile presentation template is perfect for real estate marketing with ppt slides. Convince potential clients and homeowners with powerful business presentation packages using this PP template.

This custom-designed PP template is just what you need to help speed up the selling process in real estate. There are a ton of real estate powerpoint presentation examples in this template that will persuade clients of your marketing message. This is great for presentations to sell luxury homes, residential properties, or commercial real estate.

The template is also perfect for construction companies who need to get new contracts.

Real Estate PowerPoint Presentation Template

If you are looking for one of the best PowerPoint presentation on real estate business, then look no further than Sell My House Metro. This fantastic presentation template will let you deliver a killer presentation to wow potential house sellers of your expertise in real estate.

This unique PP template is specifically designed for marketing real estate in the residential market. The Metro layout is clean and modern for your real estate business presentations.

Silance is a multipurpose package that is the perfect commercial real estate powerpoint template to help expand your business. This template package for CRE presentations comes complete with over uniques slides and a whopping 6, icons! Image place holders help you design amazing presentation slides. Number 6 on the list of the best Real Estate PowerPoint templates is this one by adriandragne.

If you need to create powerpoint real estate flyer templates, then look no further! This has all you need for your real estate agency. This presentation template features unique shapes and graphics specific for real estate selling. You can present slide in or ratio and choose from a light or dark theme.

One of the best PP presentation templates for real estate agencies or construction firms. This is a modern PowerPoint template that is used by property companies around the world.About Agent Basics. Arguably the most popular tool in this post, Canva makes graphic design easy — even if you consider yourself a not-so-tech-savvy real estate agent.

The platform offers numerous design formats that fit all of your real estate marketing needs, including listing presentations. You can upload images, add text overlays and icons, create photo collages, and beautify your listing presentation in countless ways using Canva. Real estate listing presentations usually entail a fair amount of data. This is the first of three Google listing presentation tools listed in this post.

Ease of use is the main selling point of Slides, as you can access it on just about any device desktop or mobileshare your work with others, and edit and comment on your work in mere seconds. The platform makes it a cinch to present your listings, company history, and sales pitch to your real estate leads in style. Think of the tool as the anti-slideshow presentation software, thanks to its simple design functions, smooth transition features, and modern-looking effects capabilities.

Rather, the iPad app automates all of that work for you by providing up-to-date listing data for your area. Use the area-mapping tool to highlight specific neighborhoods and communities where sellers reside to give them a glimpse of niche market conditions.

To add your own personal flare to your listing presentation, real estate data and videos can be added into the software. For solo agents, though, it can be costly and, thus, not worth it.

Pixlr offers a suitable alternative. For your listing presentation, use Pixlr to bolster your branding and make your real estate business look trustworthy and reputable — something practically all buyers and sellers take into account when selecting representation. The French company has grown a solid reputation as the go-to presentation solution for big brands a look at the Bunkr site shows Evian, Foursquare, and LinkedIn have all utilized the service.

Haiku Deck is a premier presentation service that truly makes working on projects an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Whether you work on desktop or use the iOS appHaiku Deck offers an array of elegant-looking imagery and text options to make your presentation look like a professional designer spent hours polishing it up.

Unique icons and other visuals at your disposal mean your presentation can be jazzed up in seemingly innumerable ways. To avoid this, use listing presentation software like Office Timelines, which makes showing important dates a cinch. Simply set the parameters for how long of a period you want to display in your presentation and then add notes to each notable date: when you became an agent, when you earned specific certifications, when you opened up your firm — any date that can inform your leads and help you tell your story.

If you have testimonials from happy clients, use them in Recite This to create eye-catching text designs that can grab the attention of your prospective clients.A real estate marketing plan is a document that outlines your sales goals for the year by establishing a detailed budget, your target audience, marketing and advertising plans, and other strategies to grow your business.

A marketing plan will identify:. This is the backbone of your entire real estate marketing plan. What do you want to achieve in the short term and in the long term? Create a list of your team members and their individual roles and responsibilities. This ensures all areas of business are accounted for and eliminates any confusion and overlap. Understanding your audience is vital to developing a successful marketing strategy.

Is your target client a first-time home buyer, a home seller or a renter? Or are you targeting a more specific subset like relocators, retirees or investors? These important details will make your real estate marketing strategy effective and efficient remember to follow all applicable fair housing laws in your area.

After a client receives your marketing message, how do you want them to perceive your business? Draft a sentence or two describing the ideal scenario. Do you want them to schedule an appointment? Call for more information? Knowing the desired action in advance can save you time, money and effort when forming and implementing a marketing strategy. There are three types of real estate marketing goals: Business, strategic and tactical.

What does success look like for the business? Is it establishing a number of new clients? Hitting a certain sales figure? Make sure your goals are realistic and achievable.

What are your strategies for achieving your business goals? Write strategic goals next to your business goals. A unique selling proposition, or USP, differentiates you from your competition.

Consider your target client and the challenges they face — how can you provide a solution to their problem and how much are you willing to spend to do so? See what your competitors are doing and offer a better solution. Map out qualities that make your business unique — then explain why they work and how to improve upon them. List at least three ways to maintain your USP. Determine your strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats to help understand the viability of your goals.

Write out a plan to leverage your strengths, overcome your weaknesses, capitalize on your opportunities and eliminate your threats.

How to Create a Real Estate Marketing Plan

You may also want to look at their past performance, including:. How are they advertising and branding themselves? Look closely at their efforts — especially those within your farm area :.In that case, you may need to level up your communication skills. A listing presentation is your pitch to a prospective seller to represent them in a real estate transaction. Succeeding with your presentation means that you will sign on a new client and receive a bigger commission this month.

So how do you get chosen among the sea of other agents? Wrong, if you thought that most prospects will stick with someone offering the highest listing price and asking for the lowest commission.

When putting up their homes for sale, most people want to partner with a competent, forthcoming and proactive agent, capable to broker the best arrangement for them. Obviously, the best real estate agents are rarely those charging the lowest commission.

In fact, the main goal of conducting a full-scale, deck-ready listing presentation is to persuade the prospect that you are their optimal choice. Building a rapport with a new prospect is never easy. But there are a few quick neuroscience tricks you can leverage to appear instantly more likable to prospects, even before you pull out your real estate brochures and other collateral.

To save you time on design, we have lined up a few short real estate bio templates you can grab and customize. Source: Self Introduction PowerPoint template. Sellers want to be reassured that you can close the deal fast and secure them a fair price. They want someone confident in their abilities and capable to back up their skills with examples and data.

What are your top skills? Are you a real estate marketing guru? Do you have exceptional graphic design skills and can create for sale by owner flyers that stand out from the crowd? Do you have a photography background and can shoot professionals photos without hiring any external help? Show exactly what you can do. How many houses have you sold in this area? Now comes the tricky part: offer some numbers comparing the original list price versus the final sales numbers if the latter are more favorable and the average day on the market DOM numbers for the property.

Such numbers will also help you justify higher commission rates. Of course, every sane buyer would rather stick with an agent charging a higher rate e. People are social creatures and thus, we are extremely prone to opinions shared by others.

Ask past sellers to provide quick testimonials with photos and use them in during your presentation. Add a separate slide highlighting your key achievements up-to-date personal or agency-wide. Gather and display reviews online.

Of course, prospects will google you post-presentation. You can set up a dedicated profile on popular review services or display ratings directly on your website.There are several successful marketing techniques to choose from. Why should social media be at the forefront of your mind when managing your strategy?

There are currently Are you convinced to start using social media as part of your real estate marketing plan, yet? Remember: When setting goals for your real estate marketing campaigns, always map them over to your company-wide goals. Sounds obvious, right?

10 Real Estate Marketing Powerpoint Templates

That way, if your audience are looking for a way to get in touch, enquire or simply learn more about your business, the information is there to do so.

We all love convenience. Fancy taking this tactic a step further? Dive into the details of your real estate business and use the Story section on the Facebook Page to build those all-important personal connections—like this example from Best Chicago Properties :. And, because this extra detail allows potential customers to fully understand what it is you offer, it boosts the chances of each enquiry you receive being genuine.

Just take a look at this property tour by luxury real estate developers, The Hudson. Warning: While this YouTube promotion technique can work, be wary that many social media algorithms favor native content.

Try a combination of external and native video to see if this affects your reach. Let reviews take pride of place. Social media has put power in the hands of consumers by giving them a platform to voice their views about your real estate business. You have access to reviews; you're hearing from people who are talking about other brands. You can:.

With homes being such a personal purchase, why not share your customer's success story—and how you helped them to find their dream home? Happy Friday! Joyce Rey uses this tactic, too—this time in her Instagram bio :.

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