We recently stopped by to check it out. Akihabara, or Akiba for short, is the birth place of AKB The all-girl group is divided into a few teams, and they have daily performances at their theatre which is also located nearby, also in Akihabara.

Note that there is a small theatre attached to the AKB48 Cafe, but this is not where the live shows take place. The theatre in the cafe has a movie screen where recorded performances are shown.

The menu is fairly small and mostly consists of light lunches and a few desserts. There is a window out the front of the cafe with a display of fake food, along with little pictures of the group members who supposedly like the meals. You can find the menu on the AKB48 Cafe website. Inside, the AKB48 Cafe has a bit of a school-themed thing happening. This makes sense when you consider that the group members are quite young — many are high-school aged — and often wear costumes that look like school uniforms.

Above: It had a bit of a classroom feel to it with the drab decor and the blackboard in the background. Above: A blackboard in the hallway where the restrooms are located. There is definitely a bit of a school theme happening at the AKB48 Cafe. Above: On the walls in the corridor near the bathrooms, there are also messages from members of the group.

Above: We ordered an iced cafe mocha — strawberry flavored Yen and a cafe latte — strawberry flavored Yen. Both drinks came with a coaster which we selected at random from a stack they were all face down and we just received whichever one was at the bottom of the stack.

The coasters, of course, feature photos of the AKB48 girls. Coasters seemed to be rather a big deal to some of the other customers — men in their 40s and 50s. Some of them had display folders full of coasters and were laying duplicate coasters on the table in the hopes of trading with other customers. One man sitting near us kept going to check out the coasters of another man sitting nearby, and each time he did this, a waitress would rush over and tell him to go back to his own table.

At the AKB48 Cafe, you are allowed to take photos, but you are not allowed take photos that include the monitors TVs on the wallsstaff or any other customers, and you are not allowed to take videos.But I'm not sure if there's anyone else so far. If there is, please let me know. Yes it is, but we won't talk much about it here. I just wanted to know who else did that in AKB I was shocked at first, but as long as it's not anyone in Kpop, I'm fine.

The first one was Rina nakanishishe was one of AKB's founding members if my memory serves. She went AV but then retired after only a few years. I guess it's better for her that way. They look so young. How old are they? It's not common. Also one of them was only a trainee for couple months and left so she's not even real member.

They're all nugus trying to make quick money then "retire" after the first yr or so. She's Hot tho. This is so true, folks act like the entire group ends up doing porn after graduation, when it's only like a tiny few.

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akb48 rules

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Yes, it's not uncommon in Japan. You didn't know this before? AV as in Adult Video? Didn't know about Rumi and Natsumi. Can't wrap my head around that yet Never heard of Naruse Risa before but she is really pretty.

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AKB48 - Sugar Rush『シュガー・ラッシュ』(Official Video) - Wreck-It Ralph

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akb48 rules

She told the fans that she has achieved her goals as an idol, and she wants to try do something new. Yoroshiku Dozo! Japanese Spanish Indonesian Korean French.

Featured Celebrants April 16, ZhuXian. Liu ShuXian. Yang YunHan. When editing the pages, you may either add to previously written material or make revisions. Respect what others have written on the wiki.The network has laid down the law on their behavior while they are filming "Shiritsu Bakareya Koko" Private High Schoolwhich will be broadcast from April 14 each week at a.

Johnny's Jr is the "youthful" division of male singers at Johnny's Jimusho.

A Beginner's Guide to the 48Group Family

They usually include any artist who hasn't released a CD yet. In the drama, they play delinquent students, while the AKB48 girls play spoiled rich girls. Shintaro Morimoto, 14, who plays the leader of the bad boys, said: "I argued at school sometimes, but I never got into fights. To make sure there is no hanky-panky between the two groups, for whom a squeaky clean image is mandatory, NTV said it has three rules. So 'best behavior' essentially means no hanky panky.

How many times do people have to be reminded of the virginal status of AKB girls? Wow those "rules" would be illegal in other countries I agree with Gogogo. While no fan of either group, these rules on the private lives of these young people is utter nonsense.

Reminds me of Takizawa having to make a public apology to the nation when some Johnnies kids got caught smoking. But Jt shovels down our throat news about AKB every day.

AKB48: The Surprising Truth Behind the World’s Biggest Band

It became unbearable to visit this site. Akimoto is making a mint off these hapless kids and the morons who like them and their music. They fall in with this existence for their few years of fame before they get too old and go off to become porn stars or hostesses or whatever I guess still trading on their status as AKB girls.

The boys go to Shinjuku as hosts? Anyone know?

akb48 rules

This is called entertainment in ? Bottom of the barrel trash with kids being exploited by sleazy management. I agree with another poster, this stuff is getting irritating, there are plenty of hardworking and talented actors, singers etc in Japan and we get bombarded with this stuff. Idol singers in particular girls have to deal with a lot of hypocrisy.Just who, exactly, are AKB48?

It is here that AKB48, a band that started life with 48 members but whose ranks have since swelled to a staggeringmaintain their own theatre and perform to their fans every single night. Now, this is a subject that deserves a blog post of its very own — and it will get one in good time — but for now the very briefest of backgrounds will have to suffice. The prerequisites for being an idol are youth, cuteness, and a squeaky-clean public record. Mediocrity is written into the whole concept behind AKB So AKB48 is a girl band with members.

Logistically, how on earth does that even work? Unlike mainstream bands who subsist on gigs and arena tours, AKB48 have their own theatre in Tokyo where they perform to their legions every single night. Of course, nobody has the stamina to actually fulfil such a punishing schedule, so the band itself is split up into teams of around 18 members who split the duties amongst themselves. Again, unlike mainstream bands, the list of members of AKB48 is constantly rolling.

AKB48 even feature on a Japanese postage stamp! All of this is quite remarkable in itself, but AKB48 gets more interesting still. The band has courted controversy in the past with some of their lyrics and videos. What is particularly interesting is that despite their raunchy lyrics and recurring themes of love and dating including several dating simulation games featuring their images AKB48 girls themselves are not allowed to date.

Leaving aside the question of whether it is ethical to forbid a group of teenagers and young adults from any kind of romantic encounter no matter how innocent on pain of demotion — is it even legal? Opinion is divided on that count, with some legal commentators arguing on either side.

And none of those boxes stipulates that she has to be real. This was not revealed to her fans until after she had already made her debut and appeared in a Glico advert on television. Proponents argue that AKB48 offers fans the chance to feel closer to their idols, providing good role models for their young followers and giving the girls themselves fifteen minutes in the spotlight that they can use as a platform to launch their future success.

Nay-sayers cry exploitation and moneygrubbing. InsideJapan can of course assist with the process, but cannot guarantee tickets. Like this post?Thanks for connecting! You're almost done. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. Japanese music has been taking gold at the Crazy Olympics for some time now, mainly thanks to the country's pop idols -- cute young starlets who sing and dress as if they were starring in a burlesque rendition of Power Rangers directed by Katy Perry.

Frankly, we may have downplayed it a bit. It's a fascinating world, and one we wanted to understand better. So we reached out to Ricky Wilson, who manages Necronomidola Japanese idol group with an occult twist. He told us how Akiba Nation. Kayfabe, in case you haven't heard about the greatest thing everis a rule among pro wrestlers which forbids them from ever breaking their onstage character, in order to make their matches feel more "real.

Necronomidol But who's also a very bad girl. According to Ricky: "Everyone knows idols are human beings and have human relationships. But as long as that fact is under wraps, everyone can operate under the kayfabe of plausible deniability and keep the fantasy alive -- the fantasy that they have a chance with the girl.

But if there are undeniable facts out there showing that the idol IS in a relationship, then the kayfabe doesn't work anymore. InMinami Minegishi, a core member of AKB48 probably the biggest and most famous idol group in Japanwas caught leaving the house of a boy band member after spending the night with him. As punishment, Minegishi was demoted to the group's "trainee" team, and forced to apologize while crying her eyes out on their YouTube channel for her "thoughtless deed" of being a normal year-old.

She was also most likely forced to shave her fucking head.

akb48 rules

AKB48 All she's missing is a six-foot-tall nun with a bell following her. Baby Metal. But then in the early s, groups like AKB48 started to become more popular, and idols now play sold-out arenas. Currently, we are in the midst of the "Warring Idols Period" -- an era characterized by a massive number of idol groups competing for a limited fan base, which has apparently led to some serious musical rivalries.AKB48 pronounced A.

Forty-Eight are a Japanese idol group named after the Akihabara Akiba for short area in Tokyowhere the group's theater is located. AKB48's producer, Yasushi Akimotowanted to form a girl group with its own theater unlike pop groups performing occasional concerts and seen on television and performing daily so fans could always see them live.

AKB48 have been characterized as a social phenomenon, [5] and are one of the highest-earning musical performers in Japan. AKB48 was founded as "idols you can meet". Close interactions between fans and idols allow idols to cultivate and maintain loyal fan followings. The group is split into several teams, reducing its members' workload since the theater's near-daily performance is by only one team at a time and enabling AKB48 to perform simultaneously in several places.

Team A represents freedom; Team B is idol-like, with cute costumes, and Team K has a strong, powerful image. The group members' ages range from their early teens to over 20, [22] [23] and they are selected from regular auditions. In JulyYasushi Akimoto held an audition for a new theater-based idol girl group. The group's second audition was held in cooperation with telecommunications company NTT DoCoMo in Februarywith applicants submitting audition videos on mobile phones.

It entered Oricon 's weekly Top 10 chart, with first-week sales of 22, a rarity for an indie-label group. Special Medley". AKB48's second major-label single, " Seifuku ga Jama o Suru ", was released on January 31, [49] and debuted at number seven on the Oricon Top 10 chart.

In April AKB48 posted its Team B roster on its website, with five fewer members than originally announced; [36] for the first time, its membership numbered The group's fourth single, " Bingo! The group's seventh major-label single its ninth overall" Romance, Irane ", was released on January 23 [56] and reached number six on the Oricon Top 10 chart in its first week.

On February 27, the group released its eighth major-label single, " Sakura no Hanabiratachi ", a reprise of its Team A debut single. The promotion was later canceled by DefStar Records amid concerns about possible violations of antitrust laws. The group released its 11th major-label single, " 10nen Sakura ", on March 4, Also reaching number three on the Oricon charts in its first week, it was the group's first single to sell overcopies.

Promotions included a handshaking-event ticket and a ballot for a member to headline its next single. In its first week, the single topped the Oricon chart with overcopies sold, the most by a Japanese female artist in seven years.

Its sales exceeded those of the previous single, with overcopies sold on its first day and overin its first week. It soldcopies in its first week, the highest first-week sales for a female idol group single. Project and AKB It soldcopies on its first day, surpassing " Beginner's " first-day sales ofOne of its concert venues, the Yokohama Arenawas used for a two-day charity event beginning on March 26, and 12 AKB48 members attended the Okinawa International Movie Festival that day for the same purpose.

An "election single", it contained ballots for determining who would headline the group's next single [95] [] and set Japanese records for first-daycopies [] and first-week sales 1, copies.

It later became known that Eguchi was not a real person, but a composite of AKB48 members' facial features created to promote Glico 's Ice no Mi. At the end ofAKB48 topped seven of 16 Oricon rankings: [] total sales by an artist, copies sold for a single, total sales for a single, total sales by an artist for singlescopies sold for a music Blu-ray disc, total sales for a music Blu-ray disc and total Blu-ray sales by an artist.

Oricon announced on January 6, that AKB48 had sold 11, copies of its CD singles, surpassing girl group Morning Musume 's Japanese record for a female group of 11, It was directed by Yoshimasa Hiraikewith group producer Akimoto aiding with planning and supervision. On March 25, longtime headliner Atsuko Maeda announced her graduation from the group. On August 15 the group released its fourth album, mand on August 24 the first day of its Tokyo Dome concert series AKB48 announced a reorganization of its teams.

Team 4 was dissolved, with its members transferred to the other three teams. On August 21 the group released its 32nd single, " Koisuru Fortune Cookie ".

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